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Psittacus Parrot Food
The Bird Loft is proud to bring to its customers the Psittacus parrot food range produced by Psittacus Catalonia, a Spanish specialist parrot breeding and research centre. Developed over 20 years, Psittacus parrot foods are complete feeds that contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to develop a healthy and normal life from the first moments of life to adulthood.  Created bearing in mind that a parrot can live many years and food must always be of the highest quality the complete pelleted feed contains cereals, pulses, oilseeds, palm oil, soya, sunflower and linseed, dried fruit, dried flowers, sugar, dried egg, minerals, and vitamins. Product-improving additives include yucca extract and prebiotic (inulin), which aid complete digestion. The proven results of these diets include:
• Speed of growth of the young, its weight and overall development.
• Improved appetite and increased daily consumption.
• Improved digestive processes.
• Prevention of the bacterial and fungal proliferations in the craw.
• Improved plumage quality, general appearance and behaviour.
• Improved reproductive success.

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