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Harkers Harka-Verm Liquid Wormer


Harkers Harka-Verm is essential where worm burdens need reducing.

Harka-Verm bird worming treatment is for treating hairworm and roundworm.

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Worm burdens need reducing, Harka-Verm Liquid is essential…

Harka-Verm bird worming treatment is for treating hairworm and roundworm.

Harka-Verm Liquid:

  • A liquid wormer for use against roundworm and hairworm
  • Mix 6ml Harka-Verm to 2 litres of drinking water for 3 days
  • Not to be used during moulting season, as may cause fret marks
  • Contains Levamizole

Key Features: Simply added into drinking water*. This worming treatment can be used as a preventative before and after the breeding season.

*For birds that eat a moist diet, it is recommended to take the moist food away for 12 hours before dosing, so that they drink the water.

Owls and Bird of Prey

Harker-verm is suitable for Owls and Birds of Prey and should be used at the rate of per 500g bird weight and added neat to their meat (eg chicks).


Harkers Harkaverm application:
Dilute 6ml of Harka-Verm in 2 litres of drinking water. Offer the diluted solution to birds over a 3 day period. Do not allow birds to drink from any other source. Precautionary worming is advised 3 weeks before commencing breeding.
Active ingredients:
Contains levamisole hydrochloride 8%w/v (80mg/ml)
Please note that due to the medical nature of this product we can only ship within the United Kingdom.


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