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Why Does My Parrot…? By Rosemary Low


Why Does My Parrot…? by Rosemary Low
208 pages, Souvenir Press, London. 2009


An ideal gift for any parrot lover, I personally own this work by Rosemary Low who is internationally recognised for her work with birds. It is ideal for both those who life is already ruled by their parrot or for the person looking to buy their first bird.


Why Does My Parrot…? demystifies Parrot behaviour.

Using the basic elements of Parrot behaviour and psychology Rosemary Low explains common problems that owners encounter, such as biting, screaming and feather plucking.

Parrots are sensitive creatures and it is essential that love and rapport exists between bird and owner. When there is no rapport the Parrot can live in a constant state of stress and fear, and the owner may be unaware of the aspects of his or her behaviour that the Parrot finds threatening.

Rosemary Low has been answering questions on Parrot behaviour for over thirty years and, drawing on case studies and her experiences with her own birds, she presents answers to the most frequently asked questions about Parrot behaviour.

Using an easy to follow A-Z format, this is a practical and authoritative guide for owners of all levels of experience and essential for happy and harmonious life with a Parrot.

Rosemary Low has been involved with birds all of her life and has been the curator of Loro Parque, Tenerife, and Palmitos Park, Gran Canaria (two of the world’s largest Parrot collections).

She was the editor of PsittaScene (the magazine of the World Parrot Trust) for fifteen years.


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