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Parrot Training Aids – Excellent Christmas Gift – 4 Options


Parrot Training Aid – Excellent Christmas Gift – 4 Options.  The Bird Loft are pleased to bring you a unique training bundle which you can adapt to your own needs.
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Parrot Training Aids – Excellent Christmas Gift – 4 Options.
Do you have a new feathered friend that you want to train?
Do you have a friend who would like to train their parrot and you would like to purchase a unique gift for Christmas?
The Bird Loft are pleased to bring you a unique training bundle which you can adapt to your own needs.
Parrot Training Aids Contents:

When used with a reward this Training Clicker for Parrots can help improve your customer and their bird’s life together.

The fun and active way to train a bird and reinforce the good behaviours you want a bird to do.

When a Parrot demonstrates the desired behaviour you press the clicker to activate the sound, then reward the bird with attention, be it a treat, verbal praise or contact.

Please note, for maximum impact, it is important the sound of the clicker and the reward follow the desired behaviour as quickly as possible (if not immediately) after the desired behaviour.

The clicker provides you with a tool that produces a consistent unique noise. A bird soon learns that the learned behaviours get a positive reaction from you, and other unwanted behaviours don’t.

Lanyard (sold with the Clicker)
This handcrafted lanyard is created by The Bird Loft and features brightly coloured Macaws as decoration, with a swivel fitting for the Clicker.
The Percher

Make life less stressful for both owner and bird with The Percher.  A well designed portable training perch that not only protects hands from bites but gathers waste, making the task of cleaning up easy!

The Percher is a versatile product that easily assembles into a hand-held or free-standing training tool. In fact there are seven different ways The Percher can be used to help bird and owner gain in confidence.

A sturdy 5-legged base design and a textured perch keep birds stable and safe. It’s easy to use, simple to clean and is suitable for all types of birds.

Training Cubes

This set of five Coloured Cubes Parrot Training Toys is a fun way to introduce a Parrot to the concept of foraging.

Fill the five coloured cubes with delicious treats and/or material rewards for the clever Parrot to find and retrieve (forage), helping them to replicate this natural behaviour.

At first, let the Parrot see you place the reward inside, before presenting the cube to them, and show them how the door slides open to reveal the treat. TIP: Placing the cubes so the door opens to the side makes access a lot easier.

Once the Parrot has mastered opening the doors from the side, try placing them so the door has to be lifted upwards. Now the Parrot has to lift and hold the door and retrieve their reward, else the door drops shut, making it much more challenging.

Hide a treat in only one of the coloured cube, so a Parrot has to explore them all. You can also use crinkle paper to stuff the cubes making finding the rewards that bit more challenging.

You can teach your Parrot to recognise colours too using the five different coloured cubes – red, green, orange, blue and yellow. When they go to the right one be sure to reward them.

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