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Psittacus Silex Grit Coarse 1.5kg


Psittacus Silex Grit Coarse 1.5kg is suitable not only for medium and large parrots, but also pigeons, guaranteeing optimal functioning of the gizzard.

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Psittacus Silex Grit Coarse 1.5kg is suitable not only for medium and large parrots, but also pigeons.

Calibrated flint sand is essential to guarantee an optimal functioning of the gizzard and the digestive system in general in birds with a marked granivorous specialization.  The sand is calibrated to the optimal particle size for these birds (1 – 2 mm).The function of the Silex Grit is purely mechanical and should not be confused with calcium grits, which have a nutritional function as a source of calcium. Contrary to what happens with calcium grits, flint grit is insoluble and does not dissolve in the gizzard due to the action of gastric acids. In the absence of a supply of flint grit, birds may ingest calcium grits in a compensatory way searching for a mechanical action that will not completely occur. The consumption of calcium grit in excess may lead to potentially harmful hypercalcemia. It is recommended to make Silex Grit freely available to birds in a separate feeder or periodically adding it to the rest of the diet. The amount consumed will depend on the characteristics of the diet and the level of granivorous specialization that the species has. Pure granivorous species have the highest requirements of mechanical (insoluble) grit.

Suitable For:
African grey parrots
Amazon parrots
Domestic pigeon
Galah cockatoo
Golden conure
Great green macaw
Hyacinth macaw
Palm cockatoo
Ring-necked parakeets
Senegal parrot
Ingredients Calibrated Flint Sand (1-2 mm)
Analytical constituents Moisture 5,0 %, Crude ash 95,0 %


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