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Serinus Canary White Maintenance Formula


Serinus Canary White Maintenance Formula is a complete feed for White Factor Canaries that is provided during the reproductive inactivity stages.

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Serinus Canary White Maintenance Formula is a complete feed that is provided during the reproductive inactivity stages. The foods composition enables it to fully meet nutritional needs during these periods. The maintenance formulas are balanced mixes that make it impossible for the bird to pick out individual components because they are consumed in their entirety. They can constitute 100 % of the bird’s diet, although they allow you to add other foods for variety, such as fresh vegetables that can be provided as a supplement. 

Serinus Canary White Maintenance Formula is Suitable For:
Canaries of white factor breeds
Specifically for canaries in which we want to avoid the ‘dorée’ (pigmentation of the pen derived from the ingestion of carotenoids and xanthophylls).  Serinus formulas are complete foods. The maintenance formula is for ornamental and singing animals, and to be supplied during the reproductive resting period in breeders. White formulas are foods designed for breeds that, due to the standards of established contests, should not manifest reddish, orange, or yellowish colours in their plumage. These are free of carotenes and xanthophylls and in return contain higher levels of other antioxidants and vitamin A. Designed to be supplied as a single diet. Optionally they can be used with seeds in mixed diets. It is advisable to supply vegetable leaves periodically to give variety to the diet. The maintenance food should be supplied dry and in feeders. Store in a cool, dry place. 
Daily consumption: 
About 3-4 g per day.  
Analytical constituents: 
Crude protein 21.5 %, Crude fat 15.0 %.

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